School Classes
Whether you are a frequent visitor or this is your first time finding our website, you will enjoy these
old school photos.  In the old days, classes were very small and some years they did not have any
graduates.  That is not to say that there were not plenty of students.  

A graduate was classified as someone who received a Regents diploma.  And not everyone passed the
Regents.  If you think your ancestor would have attended school there, they probably did.  We have
larger group photos that indicated a larger attendance in the younger grades.  Also, there were nine
other one-room schools that contributed to the overall student population.

Pictures of the classes are harder to come by in the oldest years of the schools.  Most of the photos
we do have were taken at School No. 5, the Village school on North Main Street.  In order to fill in
some of the gaps, we recently did some digging through the old newspapers to find the names of the
graduates and other related information.  

We also have names from the Portville Alumni Association records which indicate that there were
others in those classes that perhaps did not receive the Regents diploma.  New pages are marked in
RED so you can see what we have found.  We will continue to post more information as we find it.  
If you are looking for a certain person, please contact us to help you do your research.  This is not a
complete list at this stage.
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, NY 14770
Portville, New York
This page was last edited on 08/13/2015
memorabilia for many years.  Despite our efforts, we are still missing a few classes.    

If you have a photo that we do not have, please let us know.  You do not have to donate it if you do
not want to.  Just send us a scan of the photo or let us make a copy/scan of it and return it to you.  
We would love to find these "lost" classes to be able to share them with everyone!  We also need help
filling in any names that are blank.