Portville High School ~ Class of 1937

Gloria Archibald, William Baker, Jane Blackwell, Mary Jane Burdick, William Burdick, Richard
Chaffee, Jacqueline Eastman, Elmer Gustafson, John Haines, Jr., Richard Hall, Rachael Hayes,
Joseph Husband, Lettie Kinsey, E. William Lewis, Jr., Margeurite Maxson, Olin F. McDivitt,
Elizabeth Nelson, Helen Nickerson, Oscar Powers, Louis Reitz, Julia Ryan, Robert Wiggins,
Catherine Willover.

Back Row:  Elmer Charles Gustafson, 2nd from left, Olin F. McDivitt, 5th from left, Louis Reitz,
6th from left.

If you can identify any of the other graduates, please let us know!

Many thanks to Rick Gustafson for providing us with this photograph of his father.  We also
heard from Patti Reitz Guillaume about her father, Louis Reitz, and Chris Anderson Walden
wrote to us about Olin McDivitt.  Thank you!

Rick also sent us a copy of the graduation program.  
CLICK HERE to see the entire program.