Portville Central School ~ In Memoriam 2012
Remembering classmates, teachers and staff that passed away between July 2011 and July 2012:

      1932  Beatrice Linn Scott Husband
      1933  May Viola Hamilton Collins
      1940  Ralph Brown
      1940  Marie Gleason Williams
      1942  Dorothy Baker Burrell
      1943  Richard Johnson
      1947  Dorothy Coleman Neilson
      1947  Chrystal Hubbard Chandler
      1948  Lucy Lamberton Schwerk
      1948  Patricia Roulo Bridge
      1949  David Reynolds
      1949  Rosetta Burdick
      1949  John Garrey
      1950  Virginia Burdick
      1951  Virginia Hatch Faulkner
      1952  Fred Thomas
      1952  Violet "Betty" Brooks LaFever
      1954  Carol Rowe Peace Altman
      1954  Rebecca Childs Baker
      1955  Shirley Chase Kapp
      1956  Catherine Burroughs Linn
      1959  Joanne Nasuta Piccirillo Sosnowski
      1960  Hugh Spears  
      1961  Judy Jordan Kennedy
      1963  Ruth Sturdevant Hokanson
      1963  David Perry
      1964  Ikelo Martello, Jr.
      1964  Teresa Cappelletti Harmon
      1964  Georgia Lawton Willis
      1972  Kevin Studley
      1973  Dan Martello
      1975  Cynthia Haberberger D'Apice
      1978  William Shepherd

      Also attended but not graduates:
      Alfred "Tom" Childs
      Jeanette Dutton Childs
      Jack Champlin

      Superintendent  Gerard Christopher
      Teacher  Barbara Phillips
      Teacher  Mark Klimczyk
      Teacher  Teresa "Tess" Quinlan Lennon
      Library Aide June WascherBus Driver  Loren Strang

This list was compiled by the Alumni Association for the Banquet in July 2012.  If you know of
any omissions, please
send us a note with name and year and we will include them on the list.