Portville High School ~ Class of 1923

Front Row, left to right:  Doris J. Shipman, Olga L. Larson, Margaret E. Tapp, Margaret C.
Rechenberger, Laura M. Gloyd, Bernece C. Lowe.

Back Row, left to right:  Robert Bruce Fairchild, Herbert Casner, Creighton C. Hooker, Theodore
C. Baker, James M. Smith, Vincent A. Johnson, John Donald Faulkner, and Harold A. Miner
From the article printed in the Portville Review,
there were supposed to be 24 people on the class
trip including the students and their chaperones.  
There are only 23 in the photo.  

This picture was not labeled except for Joel A.
Burdick (seated in front row with his GAR hat,
fourth from the left) and Curly Elliott, directly
behind him.  From our other photo above and
others in the PHPS collection, we believe the
names to be as follows:

Back Row:

Herbert Casner, James Smith, John Faulkner,
Lyle Elliott, ____, Theodore Baker,  Mr. F. H.
Tapp, Robert Fairchild, Creighton Hooker, and
Mr. Vern Hutchings (former Principal at PHS).

Front Row seated:  

Mrs. F. H. Tapp, _____, Harold Miner, Mr. Joel
A. Burdick, _____, ______, Margaret
Rechenberger, _____, Olga Larson, _____,
_____, _____, ______.

We would like to thank Kathie Martin Dudley and
her father, Hugh Martin, for bringing in this trip
photo for us to scan.  They are descendants of
Eddeth Burdick Frair, the daughter of Joel
Burdick.  They also shared a rare album of her
photos from 1929-1931 when she was a teacher at
the Clarksville School #5 on Wolf Creek.