Portville Central School ~ Class of 1963

Back Row, left to right: Henry Jacoby, Ronald Bush, Sam Siemoens, Mike Marsh, Bruce Hatch,
James Batt, Stanley Ried, James Benham, Keith Mooney, Rodney Perry, Mike Carroll, Bryan
Afton, Kenny Austin, Eldyn Gillmer, Dave Dunbar, Irv Chase, Dennis Torrey, Terry Worth

Row Five: James Buckles, Richard Welty, John Bishop, Norm Kahler, John Gomez, John Bush,
Mike Torrey, Larry Ratts, George Kline

Row 4: Barb Day, Becky Baker, Diane Williams, Boyd Miller Row 3:  Ann Brunner, Kathy Wiles,
Diane Burrows, Beverly Worden, Sharon Bunker, Darlene Barber, Betty Hazard, Barbara Torpey,
Nikki Reitz, Andy Smith Row 2:  Nancy Kennedy, Bonnie Torrey, Diane Hollamby, Lois Button,
Jean Griffin, Karen Eddy, Linda Rockwell, Linda Unverdorben, Ruth Sturdevant, Bob Carr Front
Row: Dale Childs, David Perry, Nancy Reed, Carol Murray, Margaret Atwell,. Janice Dickerson,
Pam Marr, Janet Brown, Sara Burdick, Kay Anderson, Carol Hutchinson, Phyllis Hendrickson,
Gary Ratts, Jim Monroe, James Forster  

Many thanks to Barb (Day) Straight for providing the photo and the names to this group of
students.  It was their honor year and 50th Class Reunion at the 2013 Alumni Banquet this past
July.  She also provided reunion photos from past years (below).
Class of 1963 ~ 10 Year Reunion
Front:  Nancy Reed, Ann Brunner, Norm Kahler, Barb Torpey, Sam Siemoens
Back:  Irv Chase, Mike Marsh, Bruce Hatch, Dave Dunbar, Mr. & Mrs. Gavitt
Class of 1963 ~ 35 Year Reunion
Back:  Mr. Joe DeGiglio, Irv Chase, Brian Afton, Mike Marsh, Bruce Hatch, Sam Siemeons, Jim
Batt, Mr. Paul Gavitt

Front:  Mrs. DeGiglio, Mrs. Gavitt, Ann Brunner,  Linda Unverdorben, Barb Day, Bonnie
Johnson, Jean Griffin
Class of 1963 ~ 40 Year Reunion
Front Row:  Janice Dickerson, Nancy Reed, Diane Burrows, Mr & Mrs Gavitt, Margaret Atwell,
Jean Griffin, Barb Day  

Middle Row:  Bruce Hatch, Norm Kahler, Bev Worden, Kathy Wiles, Jim Benham, Ann Brunner,
Sharon Bunker, Becky Baker, Linda Unverdorben, Darlene Barber

Back Row:  
Mel Seawright, Sid Seawright, Irv Chase, Ken Austin, Diane Williams, Pat Torrey,
Boyd Miller