Portville High School ~ Class of 1920
Thanks to Richard Rice and his cousin, we now have the Class of 1920 photo!  We still need some
help with the names so if anyone can identify the graduates, please let us know.


     Clifford Elliott, President
Anna Bacon, Secretary
William Tapp, Treasurer
Francis Burnham
     Frances Fairchild
     Wesley Frair
     Floyd Heade
     Eleanor Humphrey
     *Lillian Rice - standing second from the right
     Olive Smith
     Vivian Vergason
     Helen Willmore


     Verne U. Hutchings, Principal
     Edith M. Rowe, Preceptress and English
     Elizabeth C. Blair, Language
     Ruth S. Eaton, Music and Drawing
     Lois E. Denton, Domestic Science
     Van C. Whittimore, Agriculture
     H. Genevieve Dye, Eighth Grade
     Florence M. Gould, Seventh Grade
     Louisa M. Sherman, Fifth and Sixth Grades
     M. Blanche Smith, Third and Fourth Grades
     Matilda Alexander, First and Second Grades
     Phydilla Howell, Physical Training