Portville Central School ~ Class of 1951

Front Row, left to right:  Don Hatch, Marilyn Rice, Jean Childs, Norville Fischer, Janice Barnes,
Florence Sherman, Elaine Robinson, Viola Gimlin, Ruth Bish, Jayne Haines, Isabelle Hammel,
Dick Lowe

Second Row: Jim DeGroff, Jim Torrey, Dick Hall, Dick Torrey, Curt Fischer, Don Allen, Norm
Stephen, Larry Fitzsimmon, Jim Cornell, Dick LaFever

Third Row:  Eileen Stull, Eleanor Bixby, Verna Brundage, Virginia Hatch, Lois Harrison, Virginia
Maxson, Eleanor Roulo, Barbara Walden, Kay Fitzsimmons

Back Row:  Bob Kordish, Jim Griffith, Jim Worth

Many thanks to Lois (Harrison) Jennings and her daughter Karyl for providing her Class of
1951 Graduation photo in August 2013.  We have been trying to get a copy of this class for years!