Portville Central School ~ Class of 1953

Back Row, left to right:  Jerry Wiles, Albertina Feuchter, Earl Baker, Audrey Bennett, Dick
Anderson, Pat Kerr, Phil Haines, Pat Skiver, Marilyn Niles

Upper Middle Row, left to right:  Rachel Carpenter, Carl Maxson, Betty Lou Plummer, George
Read, Judy Forte, Bill Anderson, Barb Benz, LeRoy Reitz, Mary Ann Reitz

Lower Middle Row, left to right:  Louis Manko, Theresa Andrews, Jim Buckles, Kathy Shattuck,
Dean Aaron, Mildred Hollamby, Ron Frost, Marlis Coss, Wilda Spears

Front Row, left to right:  Ray Gimlin, Arlene Clark, Perry VanDixon, Shirley Garrey, Jack Ensell,
Shorty Stritof, Janice Jordan, Bob Jordan, Nancy Dudley