First Commencement of the
Portville Union School and Academy ~ Class of 1888
Banjo Club:  

Standing (left to right):  Harry Fitzgerald, Will Keller, Ward Lewis, Lawrence Hackett

Seated (left to right):  Helen Stevens, Mertie Keller, Gertrude Bargay, Ethel Townsend, Hazel
Wood, Edith Stevens
Portville Banjo Club ~ 1905

   Hattie E. Rice
   Minnie A. Page
   Fanny Bell
   Matie E. Gleason
   Mamie E. Sculley
   Alice H. Holden
   Minnie L. Smith
   Mamie P. Middaugh

"Labor Omnia Vincit"
Portville Undergrads ~ 1905
These Graduates later became the following Alumni:

 Hattie E. Rice Bridgeman
 Minnie A. Page Connor
 Fanny Bell Parish
 Matie E. Gleason Hackett
 Mamie E. Sculley Keating
 Alice H. Holden
 Minnie L. Smith Johnson
 Mamie P. Middaugh Hoffman