Portville High School ~ Class of 1949 ~ Sr Class Trip ~  April 16, 1949

Back Row, left to right:  Gino Baldoni (Advisor), Bernice Zink, Mary Kordish, Zelena Childs,
Harriet Guilford, Sophie Bush, Ruth LaFever, Belva Childs, Dorthea Feuchter, Rosie Burdick,
Marie Chase, Ethel Crandall, Beverly Harter, Betty Barber, Mary Jordan, Miss McLaughlin

Middle Row, left to right:  Pauline Martin, Onnalee Sikes, Pauline Swetland, Mary Wiles, Mary
Lou Robinson, Marilyn Appleby

Front Row, left to right:  Chester Faulkner, Robert Zelko, Don baker, Richard Lamberton, Russell
Casler, David Reynolds, Joe Torrey, Jack Hawley, Jim Kellett, Bob Childs, John Garry, Joe

Many thanks to Harold Blauvelt for this copy of the Class of 1949 Trip to Washington, D.C.  
His wife, Betty Barber, was in this class.