Portville Central School ~ Class of 1954 ~ Trip to Washington, D.C.

(shown in two parts due to size of group)
Graduates:                       HELP US FILL IN THE NAMES, PLEASE!!

Back Row, left to right:  Red Miner, Bus Driver, Bob Faulkner, Bob Anderson, Carl Schifley, Jim
Dailey, Keith Burdick, Gayle Torrey, Wilma Morris, ________, Mickey Jordan, Bill Fish, Dick
Rice, Gordon Phillips, Bill Chaffee, Fred Barber, Bonnie Lingenfelter, Beverly Alexis, Joan
Brooks, Bob Coss, Jim Frair, Don Manning, , Miss, Red Miner.

Front Row, left to right:  Roberta Childs, G. Borden, Kay Fisher, Barbara Anderson, Ruth Scot,
Mary Mohr, John Studley, Bev Harter, _________, Pat Blakeslee, Evelyn Curtis, Lucille Foster,
Marilyn Foster, Anne Wilson, Carol Rowe, Lois DeYoe, Shirley Swartz, Gail Weakland.
The above photo of the graduates of 1954 was formatted and sent to us by Mr. Dick Rice.