Portville Central School ~ Class of 1964
Commencement Exercises were held at Portville Central School on Wednesday, June 24 at 7:30pm.

Row 1, left to right: Stewart McDivitt (President), Elizabeth Canada (Secretary), Ikelo Martello
(Treasurer), Cheryl Card (Valedictorian), Donna Lamb (Salutatorian), Jacquie Bonsper, Student
Council President), and Philip Linn (Class Vice President)

Row 2:  Christine Adams, Sandra Holmberg, Mary Anderson, Katherine Schmidt, Linda Curtis,
Shirley Powell, Kayleen Holmberg, Lucille Willover, Sherry Greene, Leslie Fairbanks, Deanna
Rohr, and Mary Ann Yardman

Row 3:  Edna Stickels, Winifred Austin, Nancy O'Brien, Sharon Wolfer, Linda McCaigue,
Arlouene Morgan, and Judy Smith

Row 4:  Janice Nease, Adelle Hendryx, Teresa Capelletti, Georgia Lawton, Jack Hartwig, Michaels
Burrows, John Griffin, Donald Hollamby, and Richard Fitzgerald

Row 5: James Bailey, Clifford Crawford, Carl Anderson, John Rhow, Bruce Voorhis, and Ted

Row 6:  Neil Worthington, Paul Barber, Mark McIntyre, Michael Sutter, Norm Milne, Dennis
Dailey, Larry Smith, Norman Chaffee, John Harrier, and Thomas Biehler

Row 7:  Dale Stout, Calvin Batt, William Shields, Douglas Stout, Don Nickerson, William Best,
and J. Henneman.  Absent was Edward McMahon.  

Many thanks to Diana (Eldridge) Welty for obtaining the photo and the names for this class.  It
was their honor year and 50th Class Reunion at the 2014 Alumni Banquet.  She also provided
reunion photos from past years (below).
Class of 1964 ~ Class Reunion
Jacquie Bonsper Chambers, John Harrier, Cheryl Card Williams, Don Hollamby
Class of 1964 ~ Class Reunion
Class of 1964 ~ Class Reunion
Shirley Powell Parish, John Harrier, Ed McMahon, Dennis Dailey, Don Hollamby, Sharon
Hendrickson Reed, Artie Morgan Skroback, Holmburg/O’Brien, Adele Hendrix Chisholm,
and James Bailey

Left to Right:  Dennis Dailey, Holmburg, John Rhow, Christine Adams Price, Don
Hollamby, Sharon Hendrickson Reed, Ikelo Martello, Ed McMahon, John Harrier (with
sign), ________, Artie Morgan Skroback, __________, Linda McCaigue Carleton