Portville High School ~ Class of 1936

Back Row, left to right:  George Copella, Pete Krist, Maurice Belden, John Parks, Malcolm Todd,
Leon Caneen, Merle Eldridge, James Dudley, Philip Burdick, Phinand Sikes, Leland Hubbard.

Middle Row, left to right:  Reba Crittenden, Rosemary Biehler, Eugenia Foster, Olive Collins, Clara
Phielschiefter, Alice Sweeney, Grace O'Brien, Iona Black, Iona Robinson, Virginia Slingerland.

Front Row, left to right:  Norma McBryar, Betty Fairbanks, Mary Taggerty, Elizabeth Bell,
Mildred Shaner, Julia Klist, Lenore Carr, Clarissia Byrne.

Absent:  Marion Wheaton

Valedictorian:  John Parks