Portville High School ~ Class of 1938
Top Row: Robert Dunshie, Donald Parish, Don Hurlbert, Howard Wray, Donald Roulo, Dorothy
McDivitt, Charles Schifley, Jr., Lewis Phillips, Don Compton, Jack Armstrong, Van Deschler.
Middle Row: Inez Lindsay, Viva Scott, Geraldine Bailey, Betty Smith, Billy Pearson, Dorothy Cox,
Beatrice Manning, Edna Hill, ?.
First Row:  Christine Bell, Mildred Taggerty, Alice Scoville, Tena Linn, Alice Faulkner, Luella
Marsh, Eva Wilber.
Absent: Stella DeAngelis, Daniel Dudley, Richard Farrell, Maxson Frost, John Gibbons, Edna Hill,
Eugene Hill, Bettina White
Thank you to Alice Scoville Caneen and her son-in-law, Harvey Taub, for sending in this class
picture in October 2010!
Class of 1938 as Sophomores in 1935/36 school year:

1st Row:  Jack Armstrong, Milton Taft, Lewis Phillips, Jack Gibbons, Bill Lewis, ?, ?, Robert
Dunshie, Donald Compton, Maxson Frost.

2nd Row:  Bettina White, Louella Marsh, Mildred Taggerty, Alice Faulkner, Viva Scott, Dorothy
McDivitt, ?, Edna Hill, Bea Lewis, Mr. Foster.

3rd Row:  Maxine Manning, Christine Bell, Tena Linn, Dorothy Taft, Betty Smith, Eva Wilber,
Inez Lindsay.

4th Row:  Stella DeAngelis, Don Hurlburt, Bob Carr, Charles Schifley, Eugene Hill, Bill Pearson, ?.

5th Row:  Bill O'Brien, Van Deschler, Roger Roulo, John Dusenbury, Howard Peterson, Dick
Farrell, Daniel Dudley, Don Parish.