About Us
PHPS is located at 17 Maple Avenue,
Portville NY.  We are co-located with
the Chestnut Hill Cemetery Association.
However, we do not keep regular office
hours from October to April.  

ur reopening in MAY 2020 is
uncertain due to the COVID -19 virus.
The best way to reach us is to fill out a
message at
 Contact Us or email
contactus@portvillehistory.org with
your contact information.
2019-2021 Officers
Cindy Keeley, President
Gail Feuchter, Vice President
Ronda Pollock, Secretary
Bob Fairbanks, Treasurer
Terri Batt, Curator
Terri Batt
Michael Bray
Randy Bretzin
Tom Chaffee
Terry Keeley
Mary Kichman
Becky Mayo
David Pupo
Sam Shields
Current Board of Trustees
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue

Portville, New York
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society is a non-profit organization that was established in
1986, in response to a renewed interest in the preservation of Portville's past.  The Regents of the State
of New York acknowledged our organization with a Provisional Charter on December 11, 1987, and
later, with an Absolute Charter in 2000.

Our Society seeks to promote an awareness and pride in the community's heritage that will insure its
preservation for future generations.   Our main focus is collecting, preserving, and exhibiting historic
materials, pertinent to the social and cultural development of the Town and Village of Portville, New
York, and surrounding areas.  We also sponsor programs of historical relevance, maintain an office for
research assistance and displays, and produce our own publications.  In 2001, we added the
preservation of local historic sites to our Charter.  

Ultimately, our hope is that we can assist others in the understanding of the customs, traditions,
attitudes, and lifestyles that shaped our rural community from 1800 to the present.  
Officers and Trustees
Terri Batt
Curator and Trustee
Ronda Pollock, PHPS Founder and Secretary
Trustees Becky Mayo and Terri Batt
Cindy Keeley
President and Webmaster
Mary Frair Kichman, Trustee,
and husband Matt Kichman
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