Portville Central School ~ In Memoriam 2015
Remembering classmates, teachers and staff that passed away between July 2014 and July 2015:

 1934  Lee A. Frair
     1939  Kenneth Hauck
     1939  Raymond Scott
     1940  Dona Mae Wagner Reiss
     1941  Robert S. Walden
     1942  Marion Buckles Unverdorben
     1943  Madge Frost Peck  
     1945  Donald A. Wormer, MD
     1947  Verda Merrick Neudeck
     1949  Marie Chase Hostuttler
     1949  Jack Hawley
     1950  Nelson Holcomb
     1951  James O. Torrey
     1954  Robert A. Anderson
     1956  Barbara Swartz Bowen
     1956  Meade L. Frair
     1956  Alberta Morgan Rowe
     1957  Linda Chalker Shea
     1965  Mary Reynolds Faulkner
     1966  Linda Smithgall Barber
     1966  Sue Bailey Hedberg
     1966  Janet Moss
     1968  Frank Crawford
     1968  Wayne Lee Jordan  
     1969  Craig L. Smithgall
     1971  Eddie Allen Kreamer
     1973  Jeanne Christopher Dangle
     1973  William A. Hendrickson
     1975  Mark Walter Pemberton
     1978  Jerry Gaylor, Jr.
     1979  Vincent Pascale, Jr.
     1992  Brandee Leigh Jobson Witherell
     1995  William Cousins, III
     1995  Brett M. Spehar  
     2000  Kelly Scanlon-Mazon
     Teacher  Joan Pepperman O’Brien
     Teacher’s Aide   Ruth Osgood
     Cafeteria & Aide   Ruth Walker Walden
     Bus Driver  Helen Layton

This list was compiled by the Alumni Association for the Banquet in July 2015.  If you know of
any omissions, please
send us a note with name and year and we will include them on the list.