Portville Central School ~ In Memoriam 2013
Remembering classmates, teachers and staff that passed away between July 2012 and July 2013:

     1932  Signe Johnson
     1932  Beatrice Gleason Glover
     1936  Iona Robinson Buckles Matteson
     1938  Inez Lindsay Bryson
     1938  Viva Scott Coss
     1938  Stella DeAngelis Coughlin
     1938  Tena Linn Wiles
     1946  Shirley Dunckel Hepker
     1946  Lois Harter Higby
     1946  Lewis Johnson
     1948  Dale Jennings
     1952  Julia (Judy) Holcomb Lowe
     1954  John (Jack) Foster, Jr
     1955  William (Bill) Chaffee
     1958  Patricia LaFever Foster
     1960  Bradley (Rocke) Swanson
     1962  Mary Cappelletti Hatch
     1963  Norman Kahler
     1967  Earl (Buddy) Ehlers, Jr
     1967  Alice Schmidt Foerster
     1967  Joseph Wurster
     1968  Richard Ferrington
     1973  Jaci Frost Savino
     1974  Jeffery Allen Gross
     1978  Lorna Kunselman Kellogg
     1982  Bobbie Fairbanks Waite
     1988  Sue Kelly Smith
     1990  Nancy Johnson
     2006  Nickolas Hardgrove
     Teacher  Joe DeGiglio
     Teacher  Bernice Pierson
     Elem Secretary  Sue Scott

This list was compiled by the Alumni Association for the Banquet in July 2013.  If you know of
any omissions, please
send us a note with name and year and we will include them on the list.