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William A. Dusenbury
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, New York

William Addison Dusenbury, the eldest of three sons,
was born September 24, 1879, in Newton Mills, Forest
County, Pennsylvania.  He was just a young boy of
eleven when his father, William A. Dusenbury (Sr.),
passed away unexpectedly in 1890.

Their mother, Helen Truesdell Dusenbury, made sure the
boys had every opportunity to excel.  She moved the
family to Portville in 1892 so that her sons could be
raised with the fatherly influence of their uncles, Edgar
and John.  Will and his brothers received their early
education in Portville's school, but he and Edgar both
attended prep school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and
later, Princeton University.  Will followed in his uncles'
footsteps and joined the First National Bank of Olean,
where his business prowess earned him the position of
President which he held for more than twenty years.  He
remained a bachelor all his life.  He and his brother,
Duncan, lived in the family home on Maple Ave. William  
also owned a lodge known as "Hilltop" in Bolivar, NY,
which has been run as a restaurant over the years.

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William A. Dusenbury
September 24, 1879 – June 10, 19420
Edgar T. Dusenbury was born on May 8, 1885, in
Newton Mills, Pa.  Like his brother, Will, Edgar was
a highly educated young man.  Instead of banking, he
sought a career in the family's lumber business and
when he was 27 years old, he left Portville and made
his way in California.  Edgar never married and died
very young at just 51 years old.

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Edgar T. Dusenbury
"Home from Lawrenceville"
(photo taken in front of his
Uncle Edgar's home on Maple
Carl Dusenbury Matz and
his brother, John Dusenbury Matz
Don with his mother-in-law,
Nellie Page, and his son, John

and Hattie Foster Dusenbury.   Sadly, her mother and  
little brother "Tenny" (Henry) died when she was just
three years old.

Elizabeth married Herman Lewis Matz on October 12,
1886, and they made their home in Chicago, Illinois.  
Matz was vice president of the S. S. Kimball Brick
Co. from 1902 to 1926 and the president of
Howard-Matz Brick Co. from 1926 to 1929.

Elizabeth and Herman Matz had two sons, Carl
Dusenbury Matz (1887-1950) and John Dusenbury
Matz (1890-1964).

Elizabeth died in 1920 and is buried in the family plot
in Chestnut Hill Cemetery.  Carl and John and their
wives' ashes are also there in a different section.
Duncan Cameron Dusenbury
April 21, 1890 - February 16, 1977

The fifth child of John E. Dusenbury, Donald Mather
Dusenbury, was born on December 29, 1884.  He was one
of two children still living when he arrived just two years
after the tragic deaths of Mabel and Buddy, John and
Mr. Dusenbury was married to Marie Page of Olean at
Portville in August, 1906.  They had one son, John E.
Dusenbury, born in 1921.  In 1924, they moved into the
family home at 65 Temple Street.  Donald and Marie did
extensive remodeling on the home in 1936, giving it its
characteristic Greek columns.  Marie died in 1958 and
Donald died the following year in 1959.

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Dusenbury;  Marie Page Dusenbury; and their only son,
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Elizabeth Dusenbury Matz
1862 - 1920
Donald Mather Dusenbury
The Three Sons of Helen T. Dusenbury
Katherine Dusenbury and her girlfriends at the Bear's Cave about 1910
(top of the hill behind Portville Central School)
Edgar Truesdell Dusenbury
May 8, 1885 – January 30, 1937
The Three Children of John Edgar Dusenbury
Donald Mather Dusenbury
December 29, 1884 - April 12, 1959

Helen Truesdell Dusenbury, was one of the Dusenburys
that people living in Portville are still likely to remember.  
Except for his first two years, he was a lifelong resident of
Portville, living in the same house for 82 years of his
almost 87 years.

He was born in Tidioute, Pa., on April 21, 1890, just
months before the death of his father.  In 1892, his
mother, Helen Dusenbury, moved Dunc and his two
brothers to Portville.  In 1895, she built a big house for her
family, right across the street from the boys' Uncle Edgar.

Duncan was known for his generosity and gave to many
charitable causes.  Like his brothers, he remained
unmarried.  After his death in 1977, the countless
heirlooms of the home were auctioned and the house was
sold.  The auction was truly an event and to many of us in
Portville, it felt like the end of a dynasty.

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Duncan C. Dusenbury
(photo taken in 1910 as a
member of the Presbyterian
Mens Group)
Katherine Dusenbury Anderson
March 30, 1890 - March 28, 1961

Katherine Dusenbury was born in Portville on March 30, 1890, the youngest child of John Edgar
and Delle Mather Dusenbury.  She was raised with privilege and education, but chose to remain
in Portville and live in her family home until the death of her mother in 1922.  The home passed
to the only male heir, her brother, Donald.  Katherine eventually married William Anderson and
lived out her days in Santa Barbara, California.  She died on March 28, 1961, just before her 71st