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John E. Dusenbury and daughter,
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Portville, New York
John Edgar, was born on June 10, 1836, in Portville
(then part of Olean).  He was married in February
1860 to Harriet Foster of Monroe County, N. Y.  
Later that same year, his father Henry passed away
and he and his brothers had to take on the
responsibility of running the family businesses.  
Having been faced with this responsibility at only 24
years old, John worked hard and became a very
successful business man, thriving in all of their
various interests.  Among his many
accomplishments was the establishment of the First
National Bank of Olean in 1871.  The Dusenbury
and Wheeler families had a strong interest in
creating a local bank.  Prior to 1870, Dusenbury,
Wheeler & Co. had to travel to Bath, N. Y., to
transact their banking business.
John Edgar Dusenbury
John and Hattie had two children, Elizabeth (in 1862) and Henry (in 1863).  Little Henry, or “Tenny”
later, his mother Hattie died as well, leaving John E. with their motherless three-year-old daughter,
Elizabeth.  John later married Delle Mather, who was born in 1846.  They had four children together,
Mabel (1878), John “Buddy” (1879), Donald Mather (1884), and Katherine S. (1890).  

Unfortunately, tragedy would again strike the family of John E. Dusenbury.  When Mabel and Buddy
were just four and three years old, Delle contracted scarlet fever.  Although she sent the children to
the home of other family, they still caught the illness and both died in 1882.  Delle eventually
recovered and had their two other children.  John E. lived until 1913 and Delle until 1922.  
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Mabel Dusenbury
John "Buddy" Dusenbury
Elizabeth Dusenbury (later Matz),
daughter of John E. and first wife, Hattie
Delle Mather Dusenbury, with children
Katherine and Donald

was another son, William A., who was born on  
September 17, 1838, in Portville.  He married
Helen C. Truesdell (born in 1845) and they had
three sons, C. (1890).  

William spent many years running the family
interests in Tidioute, Pa., until his unexpected
death in 1890, shortly after his third child was
born.  In 1892, Mrs. Dusenbury decided to move
back to Portville so that her three sons would have
the benefit of being with family, namely their
uncles, Edgar G. and John E.  She built their home
on Maple Street, right across the street from
Edgar and across Lillibridge and Depot Street
from the Dusenbury homestead on the hill, owned
by John and Delle.  

Helen Truesdell spent the rest of her days in
Portville until her death on September 12, 1922.  
Unfortunately, none of her three sons married so
she never had any grandchildren.
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William Addison Dusenbury
Caroline was Edgar Gregory Dusenbury, born
on October 31, 1841, in Portville.  He married
Eloise Fowler in 1866 but they never had any
with his brothers, John and William, and was
very involved in their interests in the Portville
tannery.  He also took over the role of president
of the First National Bank of Olean when his
brother, John E., passed away.  He was quite
generous with charitable causes and will always
be remembered for establishing the Smith Parish
home as the Portville Free Library.  He not only
purchased the house and extensive grounds, but
he also renovated it for this purpose.  Edgar died
on Christmas Day, 1920.  His wife, Eloise, died
in 1929 at 86 years old.
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Edgar Gregory Dusenbury
Edgar T. Dusenbury,
2nd son of Wm A. and Helen
Helen Truesdell Dusenbury,
wife of William A. Dusenbury (Sr.)
Will Dusenbury,
The seventh and youngest child of the Dusenburys was Caroline, or “Carrie,” born in 1846 in
Portville.  She never married and lived with her mother, Caroline, in the family home until her
mother's death in 1870.  The eldest son, John E., then became the owner and the home was
occupied by his family until his wife's death in 1922.  Carrie went to live with her sister and her
husband, Elizabeth and Rev. J. H. Vincent.  They lived for a time in Buffalo when Vincent became a
bishop and later in Chicago, where she died on December 12, 1933.
Caroline Dusenbury
Edgar G. Dusenbury
Duncan C. Dusenbury,
3rd son of Wm A. and Helen