Dusenbury Homes
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The oldest of the Dusenbury homes was that of Henry R. and Caroline Butler Dusenbury.  The house
was built on the hill overlooking Portville, an address known as 65 Temple Street.   Built around
1841, the house was of basic construction with 10x10 inch beams, wooden pegs, cut nails and pine
framing.  The foundation was made of stone with the top layer of cut stone.  The architecture of the
house had elements of the Greek Classic Revival style that was popular from 1812 to 1840, as well
as the Gothic Revival style, that was gaining in popularity.  The house was large and built to
accommodate the family's seven children and several servants.

Henry died in 1860, at which time Caroline and their youngest child, Caroline (Carrie), remained in
the house until the mother died ten years later.  The home was then passed on to the eldest living son,
John Edgar, in 1870.  John E., with his second wife, Delle Mather Dusenbury, and his daughter,
Elizabeth (by his first wife Hattie), moved into the house on the hill.  The photograph below shows
how the house looked in 1905.
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, NY 14770

Portville, New York
John and Delle had four additional children, two of whom
succumbed to scarlet fever at a very young age.  Their two
other children, Donald and Katherine, are shown in the
photo to the left.

John E. lived in the house from 1870 until his death in
1913.  Delle lived there for another nine years with her
unmarried daughter, Katherine, until her death in 1922.

Donald Dusenbury inherited the family home when his
mother died and he and his wife, Marie Page Dusenbury of
Olean, and their three year old child, John E., moved into
the house in 1924.     

Donald and Marie Dusenbury, shown below, continued to
live in the home for the next 35 years but they would
undertake a major remodeling project that completely
changed the appearance of the house.
Dusenbury Home at 65 Temple Street in 1905
Katherine and Donald
Donald in 1905
The Dusenbury Residence, the front entrance of 65 Temple St. as it looked prior to 1936
The Dusenbury Residence, the side view of 65 Temple St. as it looked prior to 1936
The Dusenbury barn and guest house at 65 Temple Street
Sidewalk going up to 65 Temple Street from Lillibridge