Bedford Corners School House Renovation
The Bedford Corners School House project began in 2001 when Col. Charles O. Eshelman deeded the
property and its historic building to the Portville Historical and Preservation Society.  It was his hope
that the schoolhouse would be preserved and developed into a community resource for educational and
heritage tourism purposes.
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, NY 14770
The Bedford Corners School House, circa 1918
Originally built in 1864 for children in the rural farm areas
in the northern part of the Town of Portville and
neighboring Little Genesee,
Bedford Corners School House
In 2003, we hired a preservation specialist firm, Flynn and Battaglia, of Buffalo, N.Y., to evaluate our
With grant funds and committed volunteer labor, the Bedford Corners School House will be returned
that will protect the interior and provide comfort and safety to the public, without detracting from its
historic significance.  The important addition of a ramp, designed to blend into the front entry, will
ensure that everyone in the community, including persons with disabilities, will have ready and easy
In order to protect and continue preserving this unique
historical site, as well as the other buildings at Bedford
Corners, the Portville Historical and Preservation Society
applied for and was granted certification by the New York
State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation.  
The overall appearance of today’s school house has most
Portville, New York