Portville Newspaper Index
If you are looking for information on people who have lived in Portville, one of the best resources
available is the old newspaper collection belonging to the Portville Free Library.

Years ago, Mrs. Ruth Cronin went through the collection and created an index of the newspapers'
contents from 1901 to 1938.  The index features mostly personal items such as births, marriages and
obituaries, fraternal and church meetings, local events, accidents and other newsworthy items.

We have scanned the indices into printable PDF format and included the files here for your use.  In
most cases, there is a file for each year.  Missing years are indicated.  

Please remember that this is just an index.  The purpose is to narrow down the date of the newspaper
containing an item of interest.  For example, "Rev Dec 4 24   1  5" means you will find the item in the
Portville Review from December 4, 1924, pg 1, column 5.  

Once you have located the newspaper, you can search for the article at an external website at:

or send us a note and we will
send you the information.  

If you are looking for something that happened after 1938, there is no index, so go straight to the
website to search.  The NYS Historic Newspapers site is quite user friendly and you can go directly
to the Portville papers and enter your search criteria.

The NYS Historical Newspapers site has three newspapers available that are specific to Portville:  
The Portville Autograph (1900-1908), The Portville Review (1908-1952), and The Portville Star
(1954-1969).  There are other papers that covered some of Portville's news so be sure to expand
your search to include papers like Olean, Little Valley, Salamanca, Bradford, Buffalo, etc.  You never
know where you will find your information!

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This page edited on 02-10-2019