Portville Hall of Fame
Paul Wilson was born in Portville on October 6, 1937, the second of five
children to Paul & Ruth Wilson.  He attended school in Portville from
elementary through high school, graduating in 1955.  Paul was a member of
the National Honor Society and he played football for Portville Central, but
his true passion was revealed in Art & performance.

In the Fall of 1955, he left immediately for military service, joining the US
Navy.  He served honorably from 1955 until 1958.  Upon his discharge
from the Navy, he enrolled at Buffalo State College as an Art Major.  By
1960, he had begun work as an Architectural Designer at the Olean Tile

Paul also threw himself into the development of our youth via his active
role in our Methodist Church and his passion for young people via Boy
Scouts, Weeblos and Cub Scouts. No youngster of the 1970’s can forget
Paul Wilson and the role he played in the development of those programs
and the lives of those young people in Portville.

Paul met his wife Pat at the Olean Tile Plant and the two were married at
the Methodist Church in Portville on May 16, 1969.  Paul and Pat raised
three children, Greg, Steve and Kyle, all of whom graduated from Portville
Central School.

Paul was employed by Olean Tile from 1960 until Multiple Sclerosis forced
his early retirement in the early 1980’s.  Paul’s entire family endured
tremendous challenges  as a result of his MS and it eventually claimed his
life in 1994.  

His work, his passion for young people, and the contributions to the lives of
so many young people here in Portville and the “SCOUT” organizations
can never be taken away nor should they ever be forgotten.
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
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