Portville Hall of Fame

Originally from Coudersport, Pennsylvania, John came to Portville Central
School as a 6th grade teacher in 1962, where he taught until 1967.  In 1967,
Mr. Dubots became the elementary principal, a position he held until 1990.  

As elementary principal, Mr. Dubots set high standards and developed a
program that gave students a great foundation upon which to build their
continued education.  He was the administrator and instrumental force in the
development of the 6th grade ecology program, now in its 33rd year.  His belief
in the need of a strong library program helped establish instruction and skills all
students needed.  He was also a strong supporter of the development of a
comprehensive music program throughout the elementary and high school.  Mr.
Dubots believed in establishing strong ideals and firm standards for all to abide
by.  Sadly, in March of 2000, John Dubots passed away after a battle with
cancer.  His legacy will live on in the lives of all those he touched and in the
Portville School Hall of Fame.
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, NY 14770

Portville, New York
John Dubots
PCS Hall of Fame ~ Class of 2002 Inductee