Americorps Volunteers
We were fortunate to have Hannah Kichman and her Portville Americorps team
helping us at PHPS this summer.  They are a hard-working group of teens and
did all sorts of jobs for us!  They volunteered for several weeks and worked in
several locations.

Americorps also sponsored a beautiful float in the Memorial Day parade.  
Hannah, pictured to the left, is a great coordinator for their activities and keeps
everyone very busy.  Most important, they enjoy what they do!
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, NY 14770
This page was last updated on 09/18/2013
Always ready and willing to help, Hannah and her team did a lot of work at the Grange and the
School House.  They cleaned out the paper and wood debris that had accumulated over the years in
the Grange, but they worked in the School House too.  They cleaned up all the sawdust in the back
woodshed room and then boxed up most of the loose glassware and items that were left over from
our last sale.  This was an immense help because we need to clear out the school house to finish it
Hannah Kichman is a
granddaughter of
Lee A. Frair
Portville Americorps  - July 2013