Portville Hall of Fame

Dr. O. Boyce McDivitt has looked after the dental health of the Portville
community for forty-two years.  Graduating from Portville Central School in
1961 and the University of Buffalo Dental School in 1967, he returned to the
area to open his first office in Olean, N.Y.  In 1970, he moved his office to
South Main Street, Portville, where he still practices dentistry.  The quality of
education of Portville’s children has always been of great concern to him.  A
longtime member of Portville’s Board of Education, he served as Board
President for many years.  Boyce’s exceptional dedication to our school and
community stands as a model for future generations.
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, NY 14770

Portville, New York
Dr. O. Boyce McDivitt