Portville Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame was initiated in 2002 with the induction of 4 outstanding
contributors to the community of Portville.  Since that year, there have
been a total of 55 inductees.  The recipients have ranged from educators
and school contributors, to mayors and medical professionals, and various
philanthropists and community leaders.  

Applications for the consideration of individuals for this award can be
submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee, in care of Gary Swetland at his
email, GSwetland@portville.wnyric.org.

Class of 2002:
 Lee A. Frair
 John Dubots
 Helen Worth
 Dr. Louise Merrick

Class of 2003:
 Edgar Clark and Verna Clark
 Rupert Chaffee
 Harold "Red" Miner
 Jeff Nix

Class of 2004:
 Robert Connell
 Ronda Pollock
 Jerome P. Sullivan
 Jane Miller

Class of 2005:
 Anne Sutter
 Carl Anderson
 Lyman Baker
 Anne Dusenbury
 Dennis Dorman

Class of 2006:
 Gerard Christopher
 Dr. Robert Rasey
 Robert Quick
 Bea Scott Husband

Class of 2007:
 Gene Williams
 Priscilla Griffith
 Robert Fairbanks
 Mike O'Brien and Joan O'Brien

Class of 2008:
 Mary Elizabeth Eaton
 Maxine Slocum
 Dr. Richard Payne
 Frank Aloi
 Hugh Martin and Louise Martin

Class of 2009:
 Dr. Donald Wormer and Elinor Wormer
 Dr. Ike Harrison
 Dr. Duncan Wormer
 Dr. O. Boyce McDivitt
 Pauline Maxson

Class of 2010:
 Joe McLarney and Sharon Hill-McLarney
 Michael McGreavey
 Martha Osterstruck
 Mary Ruth Rasey

Class of 2011:
 Gene Newburg
 Ralph Barnes
 Charles Bretzin
 Col. Charles O. Eshelman

Class of 2012:
 Eva Taggerty
 Robert Roulo
 Thomas Pollock

Class of 2013:
 Jean Torrey
 Kenneth and Bette Eldridge
 Chuck Lucas

Class of 2014:
 John Maxson
 Ron Moore
 Leo and Ruth Schott
 Paul Wilson

Class of 2015:
 Dave and Peg Dunbar
 Jean Putnam Feeley
 Wimpy Swetland

Class of 2016:
 Barb Fairbanks
 Robert Guenther
 Joanne Nasuta Sosnowski
 Dean Travis
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, NY 14770

Portville, New York