Dusenbury Automobiles
Here is a collection of photographs we received from Anne Dusenbury, showing the family and their
automobiles.  Some of you car buffs out there may know the models and years of these vehicles.  If
you do, how about emailing and letting us know?  
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note.  The first four photos show the Donald Dusenbury family motoring with Marie's parents.  The
monogram on the door reads " D M D."
The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, NY 14770

Portville, New York
Donald M. Dusenbury (standing), Marie Page Dusenbury (Donald's wife), Nellie Brett Page and
Wilson Rufus Page (Marie's parents), and Earl Henderson (chauffeur)
John E. Dusenbury (standing in front), Earl Henderson (chauffeur), Donald Dusenbury (seated
front), Nellie Brett Page (seated back), and Wilson Rufus Page (standing on side)
Left to Right:  Nellie Page, W. Rufus Page, Earl Henderson (chauffeur), Don Dusenbury
Young John Dusenbury and his Grandmother, Nellie Page
Photo taken about 1927 - license plate reads "N. Y. 1919" - Don with Silent Film Actress Louise Glaum
Donald and Marie Dusenbury take a carriage ride
Donald Dusenbury and Chauffeur  (Note the filling station behind them)