Local Groups - Fraternal Organizations

     Way before the days of the telephone, television, and other modern conveniences, social groups
or organizations were a very important part of daily life.  The community was small and they valued
their friendships and associations.  When times were especially difficult and before insurance was
"invented", these groups sustained each other by raising money and providing much needed assistance
to their members.

     Many residents of Portville were members of fraternal societies, such as the Independent Order
of the Odd Fellows and the Rebekahs, the Masonic Order, the A.O.U.W., and the Knights of the
Macabees, to name a few.  The Eastern Star is one of the few charitable organizations that remains
active today.

     We have several photos of I. O. O. F. members, Rebekah members, and most of the officers of
the Masonic Lodge.  The Prince Jonathan Club was a social club, made up largely of Odd Fellows
and their spouses.  They met at a camp up on Butternut Brook that had a supply of natural gas.  
Dances were a regular event on Saturday nights.

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