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Armistice Day - November 11 -
100 Years - 1918-2018

It has been 100 years since the signing of the
armistice agreement that ended World War I.  It
was a four year conflict, which began in 1914,
but the United States did not declare war until
April of 1917.  President Thomas Woodrow
Wilson was against our involvement until he had
been re-elected for his second term and German
aggressions toward our merchant ships changed
his perspective.

The total number of military and civilian
casualties was about 40 million.  Of that number,
20 million were deaths and 21 million were
wounded.  The number of civilian deaths (10
million) exceeded the total of military deaths (9.7
million).  The Entente Powers (the Allies) lost
about 5.7 million soldiers and the Central Powers
lost 4 million.  

These statistics are from the following source:
REPERES – module 1-0 - explanatory notes – World War I casualties – EN
Author & © : Nadège Mougel, CVCE, 2011, 2011
English translation: Julie Gratz, Centre européen Robert Schuman

The REPERES organization is a teaching organization that encourages sharing, transferring and
exchanging knowledge. This presentation may be used freely in conjunction with school-based
and extracurricular training conducted on a not-for-profit basis.

For the entire report, including footnotes detailing the country-by-country losses, click on the
following file:  
REPERES World War I Casualties