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The PHPS Office is CLOSED until Thursday, May 6th, 2010 ...
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We have had a lot of requests recently for some new material.  We apologize that the website has not
been updated all summer.  Now that our regular season is over, we will be refocusing our efforts in
this area.  Our collection is a treasure trove of old photographs and Portville history so we have lots
and lots of interesting things to add.  

In an effort to get something onto the site quickly, I have been scanning an old scrapbook from Merle
Ludden.  Local folks will remember the Ludden family.  They have Portville roots that go way back
into the mid-1800's when Henry Ludden, Sr., (1830-1900+) hauled freight by horses from the depot
to stores.  His great grandson, Merle (1922-2005), graduated from Portville High School in the Class
of 1943.  He was the son of Clair (1892-1962) and Florence Simmons (1893-1967) Ludden, who
resided at 22 Maple Avenue.  Clair was a gifted carpenter who remodeled many of the beautiful
homes in Portville.  Merle worked at Clark Brothers in Olean for 25 years and was married to Enid
Garland.  We acquired these scrapbooks and a box of other memorabilia from Enid's niece, since the
couple had no children.  

This scrapbook of old newspaper clippings focuses on school activities from the years 1940 to 1945,
so I am sure that many of you will recognize many of the faces and names from either your past or
that of your family.  The pages are organized by categories such as music, sports, etc.

Click here to see Merle's scrapbook:  
Merle Ludden Scrapbook - PHS 1940 to 1945

The Portville Scene - Circa 1940

This summer we received a number of great photos.  These photos were taken of Portville around
1940.  They are a nice accompaniment to the Ludden scrapbook so they are presented for you below:
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Memorial Day 1963 - Portville's Band Leaving Chestnut Hill Cemetery
Photo Courtesy of Ike Harrison
The Back of Portville High School - Flood Time, 1940
The Portville Free Library - 1940
Pioneer Park (across from P. H. S.) - 1939
Band Stand in Pioneer Park - 1939
(looks like Phil Skeps leading his band)
The Opera House and Fire Hall - 1942
(P.O. located in 1st floor front, theater under rounded roof)
(located next to the Fire Hall)