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Our story of the Dusenbury Family continues this week with the third Portville generation.  Many of
lived past 1950.  They followed many of the family's traditions started by their grandparents and their

We have some interesting photographs of
Edgar G. Dusenbury's home at 49 Maple Avenue.  Built
around the 1880's, Edgar G. and his wife Eloise had a huge mansion with elegant furnishings.  Many
of our photos include the ornate interior of the home.  This home was torn down in the early 1940s.

Anne Dusenbury has provided us with many photos of the
Donald M. Dusenbury family in their
.  It must have been muddy back in the early days; they wore protective clothing and

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The lovely watercolor in our toolbar (at above left) is a depiction of the office at 17 Maple Avenue.  
The artist is Portville's very own talent, Marilyn Reynolds.
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This printed invitation from Dusenbury Bros. and Truesdell,
dated September 24, 1885, is another rare item from David Pupo's collection.
Monday Evening, September 28th, from 7:30 to 10 o'clock, we will display
our Fall and Winter Dress Goods, Velvets and Novelties, both in Imported
week, when we will make a display for our entire stock on first and second
floors.  We would be pleased to have you present at our Monday evening
opening, or during the following four days, being confident that you would
be pleased with the variety and extent of our Fall importations.

Dusenbury Bros. & Truesdell
Olean, Sept. 24, 1885