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This week, we are finishing our Harry Holcomb story, Glimpses of Fifty Years.  A brief biography
and obituary on the author is also included.  We are starting to add some Civil War information and
photographs, 4 new sketches of our Significant Portville Women, and take you directly to the correct
page.  To return to our most recent homepage, go to our

Our newest additions include:
Part 4 (and final installment) of Harry Holcomb's Glimpses of Fifty Years; also a biographical
sketch of Harry and his obituary
Part 2 of  Significant Portville Women of the 20th Century, 4 new biographies feature Bea
Eldridge, Madaline Parish, Marie Dusenbury, and Mary Tyler.  
Portville in the Civil War:  Biography of Portville's Commander of the 154th, Col. L. D. Warner
The Portville High School Faculty of 1903-04
and Principal Fuller of Franklinville
Portville, New York

The lovely watercolor in our toolbar (at left) is a depiction of the office at 17 Maple Avenue.  The
artist is Portville's very own talent, Marilyn Reynolds.
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Charlie Bedford and
William Trenkle

This photograph is a copy of an
old tin type from our collection
of a couple of pals, Charlie
Bedford and William Trenkle.  
The photo was probably taken in
the early 1880's.

Born in 1864, Charles L. Bedford
was the son of
Ezra and Ellen
Deming Bedford.  He died in
1914 at age 50.

William Trenkle, from the
well-known Portville
blacksmithing family on Main
Street, was known as "Billy" and
made his way in Minneapolis.
1915 Alfred
Reuben Hatch (behind the wheel), George and Dana Scutt, Wallace Fox
1899 Picnic
Archie McDougald, Margaret James, Lizzie James, Blanche Smith