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We have been going through our collections, looking for more interesting stories for our readers,
focusing on items that most of you have never seen before.  We hope you will continue to visit here
often as we share more from our collections from Portville's past.

Our newest additions include:
Part 3 of Harry Holcomb's Glimpses of Fifty Years
Holcomb Photos - Remember that old house on Brooklyn Street, next to Guenther's Funeral
1890 Portville - read Mr. Bell's memories, including the Genesee Valley Canal.
1892 Portville - Fannie Parish describes the social scene of yesteryear.

We recently came across an old photograph that we have in our archives (see below).  Their banner reads, "I. O. R. M. Ganaraska Tribe, Portville."  Unfamiliar with the acronym, we googled the web
and discovered that it was the fraternal Improved Order of Red Men.  We have contacted David
Lintz, the Director of Red Men Museum and Library, and he has informed us that they were
Ganaraska Tribe, No. 177, active between February 7, 1891, and July 23, 1929.  We will let you
know what else we can find on this secretive group.  If you have any knowledge of this organization,
we would like to hear from you, so please
contact us!  Meanwhile, read about the history of the Red
Men at their website, (on their homepage, scroll down to read their history).
We sadly accepted the resignation of David Pupo from our
Board after many years of involvement with the Portville
Historical and Preservation Society.  David has been a Trustee
for almost a decade and, more recently, Vice President.  David,
a descendent of the Hatch family, is very fond of Portville and
its past.  He was instrumental in getting the Bedford Corners
School House project off the ground, with a new roof and
electrical wiring.  He has also donated a large collection of old
bottles, including many of the milk bottles from Portville's dairy
industry.  David is taking time off for some other projects.  His
contributions to the community have been greatly appreciated.  
Dave, good luck with your newest projects and we hope you will
stop by this summer and visit us on Thursdays!
Trustee Resigns
Portville, New York
In Memorium
In December, we sadly said goodbye to our
friend, long time historian, and PHPS Trustee,
Jane Miller.  Jane was a lifelong resident of
Portville and resided in the same home in
which she was born since 1915.

April 2000 newsletter, The Homespun
, was a tribute to Jane that featured her
vast contributions to our community.  In 2004,
she was inducted into Portville's Hall of Fame
for her lifetime of accomplishments.

Jane was a well-known figure around town
and will be remembered by all who knew her.  
Click here for more information about her
celebrated life.
Jane Greenman Miller

The lovely watercolor in our toolbar (at left) is a depiction of the office at 17 Maple Avenue.  The
artist is Portville's very own talent, Marilyn Reynolds.
Did You Know That?

Last week, we posted an old newspaper article about Portville's airport, (Did You Know That #1),
situated near where the gravel pits are now located.  It was run by Lee Layton, a veteran flyer from
World War II.  For those of you who remember Lee, or perhaps took flying lessons from him, you
will enjoy a few photos that we found in our albums.  

To read the article and view the photos,
click here.  And stayed tuned for another great "Did you know
that?" about Portville.
Welcome to PHPS
David at Heritage Day 2007
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