The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, NY 14770
Portville, New York

The lovely watercolor
in our toolbar above is
a depiction of the office
at 17 Maple Avenue.  
The artist is Portville's
very own talent,
Marilyn Reynolds.
Welcome to PHPS
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Sweet Valentine Party at Bedford Corners - February 14, 2018

Treat yourself to something special this Valentine's Day at the historic Eshelman House at Bedford
Corners.  We are having a chocolates and wine tasting party!

If you enjoyed our Wine and Brew Party in September 2016 and our Christmas Party in December
2016, you will not want to miss our Sweet Valentine’s Day Party this winter.  We will be featuring
delectable chocolates and desserts, served with a sip of wine for those wanting to pair their
confection with a sample of Vic Vena’s selections from Allen’s Wine and Liquors.  Vic is thinking
about a nice sparkling wine or perhaps champagne!  Wouldn't that be a treat!
All guests will receive the second design in
our collectible glass series, which was a big
hit at the Wine and Brew. They are a nice
small size, holding 9 oz. of the beverage of
your choice.  

This year’s design will feature “The
Grange” and is an adaptation of the
watercolor that Marilyn Reynolds painted
for us a few years back (with her
permission, of course).  

Officers and Trustees of PHPS that are in town for the winter will have tickets available for
purchase.  Contact any of the following:  

                           Cindy Keeley
                           Ronda Pollock
                           Terri Batt
                           Mary Kichman
                           Bob Fairbanks
                           Gail Feuchter
                           Tom Chaffee
                           Phil Smith
                           Becky Mayo

This party will be just $12.00 and includes the glass, wine tasting, and chocolate to satisfy your
sweet tooth.

The event will be held at the Charles Eshelman house, 1301 Portville-Obi Road, Bedford Corners,
from 5-7 pm on Wednesday, FEBRUARY 14th, 2018.  Come and see our progress on the house
and have something rich from our chocolate fountain!